Monday, 6 February 2017

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion Review

Hello Readers!  Sorry for missing a while. Currently im doing my Industrial Training in, Schlumberger. But today I want to talk about something else!! next time I will share with you guys my Internship Experience with Schlumberger. it would be a long story over there! :) Hehe. I've been meaning to share this a looooooong time ago but didn't manage to find the time :/
Few weeks ago. I had a bad breakout on my face.. keep goggling on treatment! so yeah! I found it! its is?????? Mario Badescu Drying Lotion.   I found its really funny because you can get this brand at Sephora and act I've been to Sephora almost once a month but I didn't see this brand at all. Not even once! Feels like " so lapuk la makcik ni"
so yeah! before I go further on review, let us take a look on how the product and packaging looks alike
This is sooooo comel Gila!!     ! I like it so much! the packaging is super duper cute and maybe because of the color of lotion is Pink! Definitely describe "ME" .. Hehe.. enough with joking!
at the back is the instruction of using this!

as you can see there is 2 layer! the 1st layer is Alcohol and the 2nd one (pink liquid) that is the lotion!
if u guys shake this lotion it will be blend and bila kena kulit akan rasa pedih! so you better DONT!
I've been using this Magic Lotion for a week! and I cant tell you how much I love this!
 How to use: "do not Shake bottle , apply the pink lotion to areas of cystic breakout with clean cotton bud. Use nightly on affected areas."
The price is soooooooo not economic for me! but I would say it is a worth purchase. 100% no regret on this transaction! and if I have more saving I really want to buy Mario Badescu kit (drying lotion, buffering lotion and drying cream). its a perfect kit to cure your blemishes! you guys can google on this product! look on how its work on other skin. It will not leave your skin , during the healing process it will reduce Swelling and redness.. lepas tu jerawat jd kecut and tadaaaa... mybe on day 3 you are good to go! but yaa! the smells is quite strong.. bau dia mcm nail polish remover! 
but its not a big issue for me! as lpas tu u nak tido, u x kisah all that simple issue.  hehehehe.... nah! tu je I nak share for this time! many thanks for your time! any question regarding the product you can directly leave a comment down there! see you again, girlsss....


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    1. hai mira..!!! kau kena try ni.. its really work! Magic lotion gitewww!!

  2. Mcm brand Etude House. Ada satu product dia mcm.